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2010 Brochure


Here is a selection of photos taken on some of our events...

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Hookey cookey!
Lucky Girl!
Highland Fling!
New Year Group
New Year Tables
New Year Table
New Years Eve
New Year Tiaras
Dacne Fever Group 2010
Dance Fever Fun 2010
Jane & Richard October 2010
Jane & Keith September 2010
30s40s weekend
30s40s weekend
30s40s weekend
30s40s weekend
30s40s weekend
30s40s weekend
30s40s weekend
30s40s weekend
30s40s weekend
30s40s weekend
Lifes a beach!
On the Rocks Jersey
Having a paddle
Coastal Walk Jersey
On the Cliffs Jersey
David and Nia Smarts Wedding March 2010
Adrian and Sarah Whittingtons Wedding 17-4-10
View from Hengisbury Head
Brownsea Ferry
Cheeky Chaps!
Farnham Hussar
Masked Ladies
Masked Ball - Out of puff?
Masked Ball Jester
Masked Ladies
Masked Ball - Mystery Man
Farnham Castle
Farnham Sunday walk
Farham Walkers
Farnham Weekend Sunday Walk
Valentines Venue - Our pad for the Weekend
The Winning Team - Well done!  You get to take him home!!!
Imagination gone wild!
A stunning entry!
Make your own Cupid Competition
Valentines Evening
Valentines Meal
Feel the rhythm!
Nice day for a picnic
Who does your hair???
Hoist the Jolly Roger!
Fancy meeting you here....
Lands End - the end of the world as we know it!
Whats up boys?
They think its all over - it is now!
Sheer Elegance!
Fancy a walk?
Grub's Up!
A new Eden
Just dance!
MY turn to drive!
One charmed snake!
Last one in the pool is a....
Pair of Likely Lads!!! St. Ives 2008
Sunny St. Ives 2008
Can you believe that this beautiful picture is St. Ives 2008?!
St. Ives 2008 movers
St. Ives 2008 walkers
Dancing at St. Ives 2008
St. Ives group 2008
CSI Network. Cause of death anyone???
Dads Army!
The quiet life
The Lake District aint any old walk in the park
Cornel Custard perhaps???
The Sound of Music meets Songs of Praise!
Bopping in the New Year!
Whos next to walk the plank?
Christmas Party (before Santa made his appearance!)
Lunch on the lawn anyone???
Who dunnit??? Midhurst Murder Mystery
Dining Out
Steve - that wig suits you!
Oxford Day 2007
Smiling Lady
We're looking forward to these!
Crete  2005
Fine Gentleman
Murder Mystery at Midhurst 1800s
Happy Lady
Aber Falls Bridge
Lake District Walkers
Lake District Ladies with View
Lads at Sunbury
Bo Peep
Dancing in the moonlight
Dancing Network Murder Mystery at Midhurst 1800s
Network Murder Mystery at Midhurst 1800s
18th Century Murder Mystery
Dressed Up
Say Cheeeeeeeeese!!!
Happiness is......

Farnham Weekend Sunday Walk

Farnham Weekend Sunday Walk