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Looking at the size of the skeleton, the child should have been six or seven years old when he was alive, but he died here.

How scared should he have been at that time

Seeing the skeleton, Su Meng did not feel scared.

More than that, she was angry and distressed.

At the request of Wei Ting, Su Meng walked around the entire cave.

At first, she thought that the sound of water dripping was her hallucination, but after staying in the cave for so long, the sound of water dripping was indeed there.

“Do you hear the sound of water dripping” Su Meng turned around and asked Wei Ting when she saw that he did not have any response.

Wei Ting shook his head and said, “No, its very quiet here.

Theres no sound at all.”

Su Meng frowned.

That was strange.

Why was she the only one who could hear it The sound was amplified in the cave.

There seemed to be the sound of water dripping in every direction.

Su Meng could not tell the direction clearly, so she simply ignored it and began to study the array formation in the cave.

She took out a compass and a talisman from her bag and stuck the talisman on each stone pillar.

Then, she tied a red string to the stone pillar and began to examine it with the compass.

The needle on the compass began to rotate slowly, and then it increased in speed.

It became faster and faster, and in the end, it continued to rotate as if it had suddenly failed.

“My guess is indeed correct.

This is actually a sacrificial array formation.” Su Meng looked at the stone pillar in front of her in surprise, and her expression became even worse.

Wei Ting, who was at the side, didnt understand.

He asked, “What does sacrificial mean”

“It means to exchange ones life for ones own.” Su Meng reached out and touched the stone pillar.

It was cold to the bone, and it was eerie.

“Can this stone pillar be broken open There should be something inside.” Su Meng looked at Wei Ting.

“En.” Wei Ting replied.

He raised his hand and pressed it on his wrist.

Only then did Su Meng notice that Wei Ting was wearing a black watch-like thing on his wrist.

Following Wei Tings actions, a small red light began to flash on it.

A voice was heard, “Boss.”

“Come here.” Wei Ting only spoke to Su Meng a little more.

Toward others, he had returned to his usual concise and clear manner.

“Where are they” Su Meng asked curiously.

Wei Ting turned off his watch and said indifferently, “They are just outside the cave.”

Su Meng raised her eyebrows.

She didnt see anyone outside when she came here.

Moreover, the people in this village seemed to be very xenophobic.

There were so many people from Wei Ting, but there was no reaction from the village.

Although she was curious, Su Meng didnt ask further.

About two minutes later, five tall men walked in from outside.

Each of them was wearing black clothes and looked quite handsome.

Of course, the prerequisite was to ignore what they were holding in their hands.

Each of them held a shovel, a hammer, and other things in their hands.

Together with these things, they looked quite funny.

They walked to the front of Wei Ting and he greeted them coldly.

“Boss, what do you want to do”

Hearing them call Wei Tingboss, together with their cold appearances, Su Meng suddenly remembered what Shen Jian had said back then.

He had said that Wei Ting was like a leader of the underworld, with a cold murderous aura around him.

In the past, she had not looked closely at Wei Ting.

Now, in this kind of environment, she carefully observed Wei Ting and found that he stood there proudly.

The surrounding evil energy only lingered around him and did not approach him at all.

In this world, there were two kinds of people who were not afraid of evil energy.

One was the absolutely righteous.

As the saying went, evil did not overwhelm good, and the masculinity in ones body would not be invaded.

The other kind of people were people who were stained with blood.

Those people could be said to have been killed from h*ll.

Their bodies were already stained with blood, and they were not afraid of that little bit of evil at all.

In Su Mengs heart, Wei Ting could never be associated with justice, so she tacitly agreed that he was the second kind.

Combined with all the previous things, Su Meng felt that Shen Jian might have guessed right.

He might really be a boss of the underworld.

Wei Ting only saw Su Meng standing there without saying anything, but he did not know what she was thinking.

He glanced at her and then gave the order, “Break these stone pillars open.”

The stone pillars were not very tall, and they were rocks from a long time ago, so they were very easy to break.

The few of them raised their hammers and smashed them one after another.

Very quickly, they broke them.

As Su Meng had expected, the stone pillars contained the bones of a child.

There were five stone pillars in the cave.

Each stone pillar had a childs skeleton, which was about the same size as the one outside.

“Boss, what should we do” Even the powerful people were shocked when they saw so many childrens bones.

Who was so crazy to do this to a child

Wei Ting didnt look too good either, but he didnt say anything.

He just looked at Su Meng quietly, meaning to see what Su Meng wanted to do.

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