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No matter what kind of attack Guishen threw at him, Yuchi would simply deflect it and turn it back at him.

His fighting style was quite relaxed.

Judging from how this battle was progressing, his earlier evaluation of the difficulty of this battle was perhaps somewhat off-target.

However, this battle had just begun, and Guishens attacks were becoming more and more extreme.

Yuchi deflected a giant Dao aura cannonball back at Guishen, blowing away half of his body.

When Guishens body reformed, he started condensing more Dao aura to execute another technique.


A wisp of flame appeared in Yuchis hand.

Sensing the terrifying power contained in the flame, the thousand-handed dead python immediately retreated, hiding at the edge of the black cocoon like a bird startled by the twang of a bow.

Yuchi finally opened his mouth, “I can tell that this should be a very difficult battle, so can we start now I guess I can play with you if you want to continue warming up.”

Guishens attack was instantly extinguished.

He was silent for a long time.


“Do you really want to kill me” he asked.

Yuchi did not beat around the bush and gave a direct answer, “Obviously.”


“Youre such a heartless person.

I already begged you.

Why didnt you agree to my request”

“As long as you agree to my request, Ill leave, and well even become friends.”

“Have you been bewitched by this jinx Ive already let you hurt my body like this.”

“Isnt that enough”

“Is she that important to you I can kill a thousand people and let you eat them.”

“I can even help you exterminate a few races.”

“Who do you want to kill Just tell me.”

“Ill satisfy any request.”

“Im sorry,” Yuchi said calmly, “You should go see a psychiatrist.”

Guishen instantly fell silent.

“Come on.

Let me see your true form.”

“Fight seriously.”

Then, Guishen fused with the thousand-handed dead python; his divine soul and Dao aura was poured into the thousand-handed dead pythons stomach.

The thousand-handed python expanded in size, from 100 meters long to 1,000 meters long, and then to 10,000 meters long.

It became much thicker as well.

Its body covered the entire sky above the Moon Goddess Sea.

It was like a giant centipede floating in the sky, and somehow looked incredibly majestic, and incredibly ugly at the same time.

Yuchi stood on the surface of the Moon Goddess Sea.

The sea breeze had already been contaminated by a foul smell.

When he looked up, he could see countless hands, which were now holding all kinds of strange weapons.

It did not seem like something that should exist in this world.

When Yu Shengyun saw it, she was dumbfounded.

It was the first time she felt that the sky was so small.

What the hell was going on

What the hell was this thing

While Yu Shengyun was still in a daze, the sky seemed to collapse and turn upside down.

The python had launched an attack.

Although Yu Shengyun was not the target, she could sense the power of the attack.

The Dao aura fluctuations swept toward the surroundings.

Just as it was about to reach her, a pale blue illusory barrier suddenly appeared around the Moon Goddess Sea, which was obviously Yuchis work.

Furthermore, it was Dao heart realm technique.

His thinking was very simple.

This barrier would confine both of them.

Either he would emerge victorious, or the python would.

Yu Shengyun saw Yuchis body rapidly expand.

Then, a giant that was thousands of meters tall appeared in the center of the Moon Goddess Sea.

He waved the sword in his hand.

The thousand-handed dead python was cut down the middle, but it did not die.

It crawled on Yuchis back, and its arms began to rapidly tear apart Yuchis skin.

Yuchi pulled it off his back, along with whatever the arms were holding.

His gaze was cold.

He grabbed the pythons upper and lower jaw with both hands and violently pulled them apart.

The thousand-handed dead python was completely torn apart from the middle.


The blue barrier was dyed red from the blood, making it difficult to see what was happening inside.

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