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It was useless even if Rong Xin summoned the Rock King Turtle again.

The light elements could penetrate the armor of the Rock King Turtle.

It would be fine if the Rock King Turtle could dodge them, but its movement speed was very slow.

Qu Lanyi only used this move because of this.

This move wasnt threatening at all for any speedy Magic Beast.

The situation took a turn for the worse right now.

Rong Xin couldnt use his contracted Magic Beast, but he alone wasnt Qu Lanyis match at all.

The little light ball in the sky was so powerful that if he wasnt careful, his skin and flesh wouldnt just be burnt.

Sweat couldnt help but appear on Rong Xins forehead.

He didnt know when his opponent started preparing this move.

How many steps could this guy foresee If this was a game of chess, Rong Xin didnt think he had any chance of winning at all!

“Alright, thats it!” The Fifth Elder suddenly jumped out and said.

Rong Xin took a deep breath.

Qu Lanyi stood in the air and sneered.

He didnt bother to argue with him anymore.

After landing on the ground, he only glanced at Rong Xin coldly and ignored him.

He walked to Yun Feng.

Yun Feng chuckled at the Fifth Elder.

“Master, is Rong Xin alright”

Rong Xin wiped his sweat with his hand and chuckled.

“I lost this time.

This kid is indeed something.”

Seeing Rong Xins attitude, You Yue couldnt help but sigh helplessly.

He cupped his hand in the other in front of the Fifth Elder.

“Master, well leave first.

We wont disturb you anymore.”

The Fifth Elder nodded.

Yun Feng and the others finally left.

Rong Xin was stunned.

“Master, did you take in another student”

The Fifth Elder knocked Rong Xins head hard and Rong Xin cried out in pain.

He covered the place where he was knocked with his hand and shouted aggrievedly, “Master, why did you knock me”

“If I dont knock you, who should I knock Kid, do you have nothing better to do Why are you fighting with someone else Your turtle was almost roasted.

Why dont you remember”

Rong Xin didnt hear anything else.

He immediately became spirited at the mention of his Magic Beast.

“Master, whos that kid Whats the relation between him and my junior sister Hes very good! Arent light elements famous for healing How can they have such a powerful outburst Also…”

The Fifth Elder knocked his head again without another word.

Rong Xin looked at his master aggrievedly.

The Fifth Elder sighed.

“You bastard.

If you cant even beat that person, dont provoke your little junior sister!”

Rong Xin was completely stunned this time.

“Master, you mean… Junior Sister is even more powerful than that person just then!”

The Fifth Elder chuckled.

“Im not sure about that, but I know that your little junior sister is very capable.

How weak can someone who can go with her be”

Rong Xin seemed to understand and nodded.

The Fifth Elder said again, “There are only two months until the ranking contest this time.

Kid, hurry up and consolidate your strength!”

Rong Xin chuckled and said quite confidently, “Master, havent you never cared about this However, Ill try to enter the top five!”

The Fifth Elder sighed helplessly and turned around to leave.

As he walked, he shook his head and mumbled, “Luckily, that girl is here.

Otherwise, what can I possibly do with such an idiot…”

Yun Feng and the others returned to their yard.

The surrounding disciples outside the door had also dispersed.

However, everyones face was full of shock.

They all felt uncomfortable for underestimating Qu Lanyi earlier.

Light-element mages were all wet nurses in their eyes.

They didnt expect him to be so strong.

The few light element mages of the Juxing School should really learn from him and see how he used the light elements!

Yun Feng and the others approached the yard.

Qu Lanyi still didnt look good.

One of the reasons was that he didnt hold back and really fought with that stupid girl.

Qu Lanyi kept reflecting on himself after the incident.

He had never been provoked so easily.

But once Yun Feng was involved, his tolerance seemed to be zero.

This was a very serious problem.

Fortunately, he wasnt facing an enemy.

If he was facing an enemy and exposed his weakness to the enemy, he would be more restrained and might even lose the chance of winning.

Qu Lanyi couldnt help but frown every time he thought of this.

If this happened in the future… What should he do If the scene he imagined really happened, what should he do then

“Qu Lanyi, whats wrong” Yun Feng called Qu Lanyi a few times, only to find that he wasnt answering her, but was immersed in his own emotions.

Yun Feng wouldnt think that Qu Lanyi was still thinking about the matter of Rong Xin.

She certainly thought that he was thinking about something else.

Qu Lanyi came back to himself with a warm expression.

“Im fine.

Right, Fengfeng, what did the Fifth Elder say to you Did this little old man ask for something from you”

Hearing that, You Yue couldnt help but feel concerned.

Seeing their expressions, Yun Feng smiled.

“The Fifth Elder did say something and made a request, but it didnt conflict with my intention, so I would do it by the way.” Yun Feng immediately explained the friendly contest between the three academies.

Qu Lanyi and You Yue were both silent after hearing that.

“The three academies have always been on the same level.

They dont seem to have much communication with each other.

Why did they mobilize so many people to come up with such a large-scale competition this time” You Yue frowned.

He felt that things werent too simple.

Qu Lanyi smiled coldly.

“There must be a reason.

Who knows what the other two islands are up to Speaking of which, I wonder how that man with peach-blossom eyes is doing with Mu Canghai.”

Yun Feng couldnt help but sigh.

Ever since Mo Changge stepped on the other islands without permission and Mu Canghai chased after him, they hadnt contacted each other.

Yun Feng didnt know anything about the two of them, but Yun Feng firmly believed that the two of them wouldnt be in danger.

Mu Canghai had inherited some of Yao Guangs abilities, which were quite useful in the Central Region.

As for Mo Changge, she believed that he wasnt a pushover.

It had already been two and a half years.

There was no news from Mu Canghai, which only meant that Mo Changge hadnt been found yet.

Thinking of this, Yun Fengs heart couldnt help but sink.

Could Mo Changge be found before she returned to the headquarters of the Yun family Would something happen in between

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