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Chapter 881: Acquaintances

Was it really that simple

Fang Heng curled his lips and thought in his heart.

He had never heard of the so-called third step of awakening the Kings power.

According to the information he had obtained from the Land of Origin, after completing the first two steps of the seal and bringing them to the Land of Origin, he should be able to obtain the inheritance of the Vampire King.

Maica didnt know what Fang Heng was thinking and continued, “I didnt expect the people from the Federation to be so sharp and discovered the spies we have planted so quickly.

We can only use the backup plan now.”

“Whats the backup plan”

“The backup plan is the temporary stronghold were currently in.

We can also perform a large ritual here.

If an accident occurs during the unsealing process, well come here to carry out the second stage of the ritual, which will take more time.”

Maica chuckled and patted Fang Hengs shoulder, “Dont worry.

This place is more hidden and obscure.

The Federation wont find it.”

“As if I would believe you!” Fang Heng thought as he followed Maica forward with a smile.

Maica led Fang Heng through the passage and entered a huge central cave.

A large number of vampires were entering and leaving the central cave, constantly pouring fresh blood into the man-made blood pool that had been excavated in the center of the cave.

The thick smell of blood filled the entire cave.

“Maica, youre back.”

An older vampire saw the two of them and walked toward Maica.

He took a look at Fang Heng and said, “I heard that youre in trouble.”

“Yes, something happened to Pan Xiangdong.

He was caught by the Federation.”

Maica felt annoyed when he mentioned this.

He felt that something had gone wrong with the people deployed by the twelve corporations, causing him to flee in such a sorry state that he had almost lost the Vampire Kings body remains.

After explaining, Maica looked at the blood pool in the center and asked, “Elder Tao, what about you all Is the situation alright”

“Yes, everything is going smoothly.

The blood pool is complete, and fresh blood is being sent in from the front lines.

The Kings body that was awakened is about to complete the second round of unsealing.”

On one side, a female Marquis of the vampires joined the discussion and nodded.

She said, “Its rare for things to go so smoothly.

I think Mr.

Jian will be very happy.”

“I definitely will,” Tao Feng looked at Fang Heng, who was standing beside Maica and sized him up.

“Your friend”

“Yes, its all thanks to him.

Otherwise, the Vampire Kings body would have been taken away by the people from the Federation,” Maica said and led Fang Heng to the altar.

Fang Heng was also carefully observing the inside of the cave.

The Elders Council had set up a large seal removal ritual in the cave.

The center of the ritual was an artificial blood pool.

Under the command of the Elders Council, one hundred and twenty-eight vampires were constantly pouring blood energy into the center of the blood pool.

The center of the blood pool was bubbling.

It seemed that the vampires had already found one of the Vampire Kings remains and were currently soaking it in the blood pool to unseal it.

Fang Heng squinted his eyes.

“Wheres the Prince”

“I heard that the Eastern Federation has encountered a tough obstacle.

One of the body remains of the King in the Eastern Federation has been taken away.

The Prince has personally led a team to retrieve the body remain.”

“The Eastern Federation again” Maica frowned.

“Yes, it doesnt seem to be the work of the Federation.”

Tao Feng paused and looked at the entrance on the other side of the cave.

A group of people surrounded an old vampire and walked toward the people in the cave.

Fang Heng raised his eyebrows when he saw them.

It was strange that there were four people in the crowd, all dressed in black robes and wearing white masks.

He couldnt sense their vampire aura.

They were humans.


It was Old Black!

The four masked men followed behind Old Black.

Old Black sensed Fang Hengs gaze and glanced at his face.

Their eyes met briefly.

“Lord Duke.”

When the vampires saw the Duke, they all knelt down on one knee.

Duke Zhao Tai raised his hand and motioned for everyone to stand up.

“Hows the ritual going” he turned to look at Tao Feng, who was in charge of the ritual.

“Everything is going well.

The blood supply is sufficient.

It is estimated that the seal will be undone in ten minutes.”

“Very good,” Zhao Tai said and nodded in satisfaction.

Suddenly, he noticed a vampire he had never seen before standing in the crowd.

“Who is he”

Maica stepped forward and explained, “Lord Duke, hes the Marquis of the vampires, Nat, from another district.

Our stronghold was attacked by the Federation earlier on, and he helped us buy time to seize the Kings body remain and evacuate.”

“Is that so”

Zhao Tai was still suspicious.

He looked straight at Fang Heng, “Its strange.

Why havent I seen you before Furthermore, Ive never seen the name Nat on the list before.”

“Because Ive been working in the dark.” Fang Heng looked at Old Black, who was standing behind Zhao Tai.

“Old Black, arent you going to help me out”

When Old Black saw Fang Heng for the first time, he felt that he was a little familiar.

Now that Fang Heng mentioned it, he squinted his eyes and sized him up carefully.

He realized that the person in front of him was probably a player, and he knew him.

Even Old Black could clearly feel the Marquis-level vampire bloodline.

However, Old Black couldnt find the corresponding player in the database after searching through his memory.

Fang Heng shrugged his shoulders and continued, “Youve forgotten Dont you remember the time when we worked together to build the space tearing device during the apocalypse Our cooperation has always been very pleasant.

I also helped you send your people to the Wasteland World.

Will you turn your back on me”

Old Blacks pupils shrank.

Combined with the information given by the other party, in addition to his body size and tone, etc…

Fang Heng

This Marquis of the vampires was actually Fang Heng

Wasnt he in the fallen corridor

Old Black had been helping the vampires all this time.

Due to the influence of the vampires alchemy magic array on signal fluctuations, he was unable to contact the outside world most of the time.

Old Black didnt know what was going on in the fallen corridor.

Now, it seemed that Fang Heng had already escaped from the fallen corridor, and he even came here!

The plan to deal with Fang Heng was led by the twelve corporations.

Old Black didnt know about it at first, but when he learned about it, he had already drawn Fang Heng out of the game in his heart.

Old Black still felt it was a pity.

He didnt expect that Fang Heng would get involved again.

Moreover, it had only been a month since they last met, and the aura of the vampire on Fang Hengs body had already become so strong.

The speed of his growth was too terrifying, even the fallen corridor could not trap him!


More than ten thoughts flashed through Old Blacks mind in an instant.

He laughed and walked forward, patting Fang Hengs shoulder warmly, “Of course, I remember Nat.

Weve been working together for many years.

Were old acquaintances.”


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