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Xiao Lu stared at the news on Wechat in disbelief.

Her first thought about it was that this was a rumor.

She stopped being a waitress and opened up the live stream directly… only to see that it was complete chaos in there.

Yan Zijing, who was on the bed, looking like she had just woken up, was puking blood in large mouthfuls that the bed sheets turned red.

Madam Yan was likely to have come rushing in earlier and had now fallen on the ground.

From the screen, it could be seen that she was no longer breathing, and the comments on the bullet curtain were exploding!

——Whats going on Why did this happen Can someone help to explain this to me Im a confused person who came in after hearing news of something happening!


——Previous commenter, two minutes ago, Madam Yan suddenly barged into the room while vomiting blood.

She then fell to the floor.

This woke up Yan Zijing and she was about to scream after she sat up, but she suddenly started vomiting large mouthfuls of blood as well!

——Transmissible disease! Theres really a transmissible disease! If only Yan Zijing fell sick, it could be said to be a coincidence.

But now, Madam Yan had fallen sick together with her.

Moreover, their symptoms were very similar!

——Is Madam Yan dead

——A professional doctor saw the live stream and commented that Madam Yan was likely unable to survive since she had puked so much blood.

Yan Zijing still has hope of getting saved.

Weve called the police and they are rushing over now.


——This is so horrifying! This disease develops too fast!

——Heat dispersal pills! Hurry up and eat heat dispersal pills!!

——Her condition is already so serious.

The heat dispersal pills must not be effective anymore, right

——Why hasnt the ambulance arrived yet

——They live in a villa in the suburbs, and it is far from the hospital.

The ambulance wont arrive so soon.

At this moment, in the Yan Familys residence.

Yan Zijing felt very giddy.

Her mouth had the taste of iron as she kept on vomiting.

While feeling very lightheaded, she looked at the blood that had stained the bed sheets and then at Madam Yan.

She had fallen sick.

There really was a transmissible disease!

This thought led to her wanting to seek help, but she couldnt say a word.

Her lungs were burning in pain.

In the end, she lay on the bed in despair.

Suddenly, she thought of the heat dispersal pills…

They were the heat dispersal pills that the staff members had given her, saying that they could be used to cure her illness.

She crawled up from the bed abruptly.

Yesterday, when Madam Yan had been coughing non-stop, someone came to their door to say that Madam Yan had been infected.

However, none of them believed the person, and they refused to open the door.

The staff member had no choice but to leave the medicine outside.

Yan Zijing exerted all of her strength to climb to the door.

After opening it, she saw a box of heat dispersal pills lying there quietly.


She reached her trembling hands out, grabbed the medicine, and stuffed one in her mouth without a second word.

It was a pity that she was vomiting blood too badly and was unable to swallow the medicine.

She tried hard to suppress the itch in her throat and hold back the coughing.

After that, she put another pill into her mouth and swallowed it together with blood, snot, and tears…

At this moment, she lost count of how many pills she had puked out and how many she had eaten.

However, it could be seen that her vomiting was slowly stopping…

To think that it stopped!

It was also at this moment that the ambulance finally came.

When the paramedics rushed over to Madam Yan, they discovered that it was indeed too late to save her…

On the other hand, Yan Zijing still had some hope left.


Yan Zijings phone was in the bedroom, and no one saw what happened at the entrance.

However, when the paramedics carried Yan Zijing away, a conversation took place.

“My God, she could still be saved despite her condition”

“She was vomiting blood so badly that it might not be possible to save her even if she were brought to the hospital.

I didnt expect that the heat dispersal pills would be so amazing!”

“I said long ago that the transmissible disease is true.

My teacher has heard of this virus overseas, but I only doubted the heat dispersal pills effectiveness.

I didnt expect that our Chinese medicine would be so amazing.

Im going to get my mother to buy some heat dispersal pills now!”


The live streams audience was thrown into an upheaval once again.

Even doctors were shocked at the heat dispersal pills effect.

At this moment, they were completely convinced by the Chu Corporations heat dispersal pills!

——My god, why didnt I believe it Im going to buy some heat dispersal pills! Goodbye, everyone!

——This transmissible disease is too scary.

Moreover, the Chu Corporation was really too accurate in identifying it! They said three days, and three days it was! If it wasnt for Yan Zijings live stream, even I would suspect that this was all an act!


To think that a virus like this is in Sea City I suddenly feel terrified!

——I have a feeling as if the world is coming to an end.

——I apologize for having scolded the Chu Corporation in the past.

I was wrong.

At the banquet venue.

Chu Yuan looked upset as he sat down next to Li Dongye, feeling guilty for having implicated his brother.

Li Dongye was also feeling very annoyed.

The Dongye Pharmaceuticals second-in-command had also arrived at the gathering and was being spoken to respectfully by others.

He looked as if he was clearly going to rise to a higher position.

Right now, Li Dongye couldnt help but feel regretful over the decision he had made.

He looked at a loss.

Was it really worth it to buy 50,000 heat dispersal pills for his good olbrother


At this moment, Li Dongyes assistant suddenly went up to him agitatedly.

“CEO Li, CEO Li…”

Li Dongye looked up at him.

“What is it now Have the sales dropped again today Or are we up on trending again”

Chu Yuan let out a heavy sigh and didnt look at his old pal.

He stood up and walked up to Fang Panxia who was at the side.

Chu Yuan frowned and scolded her, “When I was talking to the various pharmacies, you shouldnt have interjected!”


Fang Panxia looked dejected and guilty.

“Im sorry, Director Chu.

I just want to help the Chu Corporation sell the medicine…”

She then bit her lips and continued, “Actually, we can consider selling them at a 90% discount.

At least, wed be able to recoup some of our capital after selling the medicine.

Director Chu, give some thought into this…”


Chu Yuan refused her firmly.

“If we were to sell the medicine at a 90% discount this time around, what would we do in the future Our Chu Corporation hasnt entered the pharmaceutical industry yet but has been taken lightly by others in the same trade.

How will we do business in the future! Scram right now! You dont have to get involved with the things here anymore!”

Fang Panxia looked at him with reddened eyes.

“Director Chu, is it my fault that our pharmaceutical factory has reached this stage”


It was true that she was enraged.

The pharmaceutical factory had been operating smoothly prior to this.

With Charles around, all pharmacies had been interested in cooperating with them, wanting to buy a few types of medicine that Charles was researching.

Chu Yuan had been selecting the partners to work with when the matter of the transmissible disease happened.

The reputation of the entire Chu Corporation had been pulled down by the heat dispersal pills.

Chu Yuan tensed.

Of course, he could tell that Fang Panxia was secretly insinuating Shen Ruojing.

However, he couldnt find any words to counter hers, as she felt extremely aggrieved as well.

But at the thought that Shen Ruojing was a member of the Chu Family, Chu Yuans gaze turned cold.

“You dont have the right to question Cichens fiancée!”

Fang Panxia clenched her fists tightly, her voice choking.

“I only feel aggrieved.

Ive been going around, working hard for the Chu Corporation ever since the matter started.

But what about Shen Ruojing What has she, the person who caused this, been doing Director Chu, look at Dongye Pharmaceuticals CEO Li.

Hes your good brother, yet he has been left in his current plight.

Dont you blame Shen Ruojing at all”

Chu Yuan was stumped.

Shen Ruojing was a member of the Chu Family, and they should share weal and woe together.

Hence, he had no complaints.

But what about Li Dongye

Li Dongye was his good brother… but he was now implicated.

Chu Yuan turned and saw that Li Dongyes assistant seemed to be saying something to Li Dongye.

The latter stood up abruptly and agitatedly, looking very stunned.

Next, Li Dongye walked over toward him with great strides.

Watching as Li Dongye walked closer and closer toward him, Chu Yuan took in a deep breath and walked over as well.

Before Li Dongye said anything, Chu Yuan took his hand and said, “Bro Dong, Ive thought it through.

Our Chu Corporation will make an announcement to say that we blackmailed you emotionally through friendship, thus you decided to help us sell the heat dispersal pills.

All these have nothing to do with Dongye Pharmaceutical! You should return the remaining heat dispersal pills to us too.

I cant implicate you any further…”

Li Dongye.


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