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“Im so envious of young people like you.

You have the time to be passionate,” the foreign man said.

He seemed to have thought of something and sighed.

“Sigh… Back then, my relationship with my ex-wife was also very good, but after we got married, we often quarreled over small matters.

Later, we separated.”

He sympathetically looked at Rong Si.

“Young man, therell be more trouble after marriage.

Personally, I think its better to be single.

Theres a lot of freedom to be had.


Rong Si disagreed with him.

“Im free to be alone, but Id rather not.

I want to be with her.”

He had lived in a broken family since he was young, so he naturally knew that the situation before and after marriage could be two different things.

However, he was confident that he and Little Jiu would live together happily.

He would do his best to give her happiness, manage his marriage with her, and be with her for the rest of his life.

At the thought of this, he suddenly felt a little amused.

He hadnt even married Little Jiu, but he was already thinking about his entire life with her.

However, it did not matter.

The day he would get married to Little Jiu was not far away.

He had to work harder now.

He had a plan.

If he could succeed, he would feel confident enough to stand by Little Jius side.


After she left, Su Jiu had not expected a trending topic about her to rush to the top of the list.

A blurry video had surfaced on Weibo.

It had been taken in a hotel.

A man could be seen coming out of her room wearing a black baseball cap and mask, looking mysterious.

“Shocking! Su Jius hotel night meeting with a mysterious man.”

The video immediately attracted many views.

The mans face could not be seen clearly, but the marketing account said that it was logical that Su Jiu had a private meeting with an unknown man during filming and suspected it to be an actor in the same group.

The fans tried to guess which man it was.

They had learned online that Rong Si was overseas now, so this man…

Who could it be

This trending topic immediately rushed to the top of the rankings.

The male actors in the same group were all clarifying on Weibo that it was not them.

They all started trending too.

Even a few male influencers came out to refute the rumors, making Su Jius fans furious.

Are they delusional

They should take a good look at themselves.

Do they really think Little Jiu would fancy them What a joke!

They are just here to ride on Little Jius popularity.

Su Jiu had been focused on filming and did not know about this until Su Shengjing called her and anxiously told her that this was trending.

He even asked her who the man in the video was.

It was probably that brat, Rong Si.

When Su Jiu heard that someone had posted the hotels surveillance video online, she did not panic.

After all, she had a clear conscience.

She smiled and said, “Its notprobably. It is.”

“You guys had a private meeting in a hotel room Didnt I tell you to not stay in the same room as him before the two of you got married”

Hearing his resentful tone, Su Jiu could not stop smiling.

“Daddy, he just heard that I was sick and rushed back from overseas to take care of me.

Where do you think I can find such a good boyfriend Its not too much to ask me to devote my life to him.”

“What!” Su Shengjing immediately raised his voice.


As a girl, you have to protect yourself.

Dont let a man take advantage of you!”

Su Jiu felt helpless.

“Daddy, he was really just taking care of me.

He didnt do anything to me.

I just didnt expect the surveillance cameras to capture the scene and that someone would upload it online.”

Many netizens who did not know the truth followed suit and attacked Su Jiu, saying that she had cheated on Rong Si. Tsk, is it alright to make a mountain out of a molehill

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