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After ending his conversation with Daoist Flying Cloud, Chu Xuan took out the Chaos Dao Mirror, and infused his Dao aura into it.

He wanted to deduce whether anyone had sensed traces of his Heavenly Dao Talisman plan.

In addition to his Dao aura, he also circulated his Fate Great Dao principle.

Then, after encountering some resistance, a few words appeared on the mirror.

“The Heavenly Dao Talisman plan remains hidden.”

Chu Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

He had kept things a secret this entire time.

Even his disciples were unaware of the plan.

Hei Yue, who was directly involved in implementing the plan, mistakenly believed that the Heavenly Dao laws and the laws of Heaven and Earth existed side by side.

Moreover, since the higher-level Dao realm experts had not entered the nine zones, it was difficult for anyone to detect the abnormalities.

Still, patience was necessary, and so was prudence.

Chu Xuan continued to stay at home, waiting for the Heavenly Dao laws to take over another region and finally increase his cultivation level to the 36th level of the Dao realm.

There was a region in the Chaos Zone that was about to be incorporated into the Heavenly Dao laws in one or two months.

After that he would be able to open his Dao path.

Perhaps the systems 60-year milestone reward would help with this.settling down for a few more days, he would be able to start opening the path.

“Sir, How do I break through to the Dao realm”

Su Xianer walked over.

She was already at the peak of the Divine realm, but she still could not break through to the Dao realm, which made her a little anxious.

Chu Xuan glanced at her.

Su Xianer was already someone who was shouldering the fate of the Great Dao.

it was not too difficult for her to break through to the Dao realm, and her level of talent was sufficient.

She was only lacking in terms of her cultivation foundation.

As his maidservant, it would not be good if she was too weak.

Of course, Chu Xuan did not expect his maidservant to fight.

It was merely for the sake of posterity.

“Dont be anxious.

After stabilizing and strengthening your cultivation foundation, youll naturally break through when the time comes.”

Chu Xuan thought for a moment.

“Go to Chu Yi and Chu Ers place to cultivate.

Itll help you break through.”

“Alright,” she said and nodded.

A month later, the eighth region of the Chaos Zone was on the verge of being incorporated into the Heavenly Dao laws.

Chu Xuan was filled with confidence.

“Thirteenth Brother, Im back.”

Chu Yun had returned from her travels.

She had been traveling around the Northern Zone and had entered many secret realms and ancient battlefields.

As a result, she had encountered many opportunities.

“Thirteenth Brother, Ive reached the Heaven realm.”

Her talent was actually not bad.

However, compared to Ding Yue and the others, she seemed to be somewhat lacking.

That being said, in the entire nine zones, she was still a top-tier Heavens blessed.

“Hmm, pretty good!”

After chatting with Chu Xuan for a while, Chu Yun went to the pocket dimension to look for Su Xianer.

Chu Xuan raised his head again and looked at the nine zones.

The spiritual energy in the nine zones had started to become chaotic, and the fate of the nine zones was once again impossible to ascertain.

Chaos was coming.

People were no longer fighting with the blood fiends, but killing each other to fight for opportunities instead.

Many living beings in the nine zones had become agitated and easily provoked.

There were also people from the Northern Zone who could not stand the loneliness and went to other zones to look for opportunities.

Du Yuan and the little evil king were still cultivating atop the giants corpse.

Their bodies were transforming, and their strength was increasing.

It would take some time before the transformation process was completed.

“Your disciple Hei Yue used his soul as a bridge and connected the Heavenly Dao and the Great Dao.

His fate and soul have been transformed and she has reached the Dao realm.

Your Fate Great Dao principle has advanced.”

“Your disciple, Hei Yue, has used the Heavenly Dao Scripture and innate divine soul to guide the Great Dao to the Heavenly dao.

Her fate has been transformed and she has advanced to the second level of the Dao realm.

Your Fate Great Dao principle has advanced.”.

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