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“The village elders relative Okay, Ill go inform the village elder now.”

[Weslie did not listen to the rest of Wolffys words and immediately turned around and ran toward Slowy.

[Wolffy stood once again dumbfounded outside the iron gate.

“Cant you just open the gate” Wolffy complained helplessly.

[In Slowys office…

[Weslie told Slowy about the matter of a relative who had arrived outside the village.

“What My relative” Slowy repeated in surprise.

“Yes, thats what the auntie outside said.”

[Weslie nodded honestly.

“It cant be.

According to the family tree, my last distant relative died more than 300 years ago,” said Slowy as he took out the genealogy and studied it.

“Im not too sure about that.

Which auntie said that She also said that she knows you,” said Weslie with a smile.

“Then lets go and take a look…” Slowy said helplessly before walking out of the room.

[Weslie was also the first to run out of the room.

“Hey, Weslie, wait for me…”

[The sky gradually turned to dusk.

Wolffy, who was waiting outside the gate, had already fallen asleep.

Weslie, who was inside, was also feeling a little sleepy.

[There was no other way.

Given Slowys slow speed, it would take at least an afternoon to walk from the office to the iron gate.

[Wolffys snot bubble suddenly burst, and he woke up with a start.

He asked Weslie in a very irritable manner, “Why isnt your village chief here yet”

[Weslie greeted him very politely.

“Soon, hell be here soon.”

[At that moment, you felt it was time for you to show your face, so you decisively walked out of the side path and toward the gate.

[You pretended to know nothing and asked, “Eh Weslie What are you doing here”

“Oh, Mr.

Monkey, the village elder has a relative here.

Im waiting for the village elder.

Look, its this auntie.” Weslie pointed at Wolffy.

[Your line of sight was also looking at Wolffy.

“This is a monkey”

[Wolffys face was filled with question marks.

[You were looking at the goat and wolf in front of you.

[You had to complete the main storyline of this world.

The first was to help Wolffy eat Weslie, and the second was to kill Wolffy.

[Just as you were thinking about whether you could defeat Wolffy, Slowy finally arrived at the gate

[Slowy, who was holding a walking stick, asked, “Is this auntie my relative”

[Wolffy opened his mouth and said directly, “Yes, Im the sister of your Second Masters first uncles third cousins wife.

Dont you recognize me”

“Is that so I think I have such a relative,” Slowy said awkwardly.

“Thats right, please open the gate,” Wolffy said anxiously.

[At that moment, Weslies sharp senses noticed Wolffys footprints.

They were different from the footprints of goats.

Moreover, Wolffy could not help but drool and lick his lips subconsciously.

[The doubtful Weslie took advantage of the time when Slowy was looking for the key.

[He went to the side and snatched the electric fan from Lazy, then said to Wolffy.

“Auntie, youre sweating.

Let me blow it off for you.”

[A strong gust of wind blew, and the goatskin on Wolffys body and the scarf on his head were all blown away in the next moment.

[All the goats behind the iron gate were in shock.

“Aiya~ Aunties appearance has completely changed.

Shes so ugly,” said Mae in a sweet voice.

“Yeah, hes not like us at all…”

[As the number one bootlicker of Mae, wherever Mae appeared, there would definitely be Sparky.

[At that moment, Slowy opened the document in his hand and said, “Ive found it, Ive found it.

According to his traits and characteristics, there is no doubt that he is a wolf…”


[In an instant, the surrounding goats all exclaimed in shock.

[When he heard that the goat in the village had discovered him, Wolffy stood at the door and shouted.

“Thats right.

Im a wolf.

A big wolf king… ”

[In the Goat Village, there was a moment of silence.

[Then, the goats all laughed out loud.

“So, this is a wolf Its so ugly.

Pfft!” Mae directly retorted.


youre the wolf.

Come, let me hear you howl.” Sparky stepped forward bravely and sneered at Wolffy.

“Be careful, everyone.

According to the books, wolves bite goats and eat them.

They love to eat goat meat the most, and they crave to eat us,” Slowy said in a hurry.

“What Eat goats!”

[All the goats faces darkened, and their legs even started to tremble.

[At the crucial moment, Weslie stood up and shouted, “Sparky, take the village elder and retreat first.”

[Sparky took away Slowy and ran back in a hurry.

[Only Weslie, who was preparing to escape, you, who had a calm expression, and Lazy, who was still sound asleep, were left on the scene.

[Wolffy, who was standing outside the metal gate, felt embarrassed.

He then asked Weslie in confusion, “Hey, little fat goat, youre not afraid of me Whats your name”

[Weslie raised his head proudly and said, “My name is Weslie.

Wolffy, it wont be that easy for you to eat us.”

[In an instant, the wolf and goats gazes collided, creating powerful sparks.

‘Its starting, the battle between the two destinies.

[You could just silently watch Weslie and Wolffy from the side.

It had to be said that coming to this kind of world, there was a kind of carefree and relaxed feeling.

Perhaps this was the fun of the animation world, full of childlike innocence.

“Hmph! Ill just eat that chubby one.

Come, open the gate.

I have something good for you.”

[Wolffy saw that his first plan did not work, so he used another one.

[As he spoke, he took a carrot out of his backpack.

[Weslie smiled awkwardly but politely.

“Thank you, but Im not a rabbit.

I dont like to eat carrots.”

[Wolffy: “”

[After looking through the hundred ways to catch a goat, Wolffy was sure that his ancestors secret manual was wrong.

He immediately said angrily, “Open the gate for me…”

[Just as Wolffy opened his mouth and shouted, Weslie said with a smile, “Hey, stop shouting.

I have a gift for you.”

[After that, Weslie placed an ignited bomb into Wolffys mouth.

A huge explosion echoed, and Wolffys figure was blown into the sky, flying far away.

“Ill definitely be back!”

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