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Fu Sinians face darkened even more.

He turned to Shi Qian.


“If Young Master Fu thinks so, then so be it.”

What kind of words were those

Yes means yes and no means no!

What did she mean by that

From the way shed been staring at the mans back, what else could he think

She was dating another man, and he had to waste time waiting for her outside!

Fu Sinian was furious!

Shi Qian was really challenging his bottom line all the time!

He turned to look out the car window.

Shi Qians phone suddenly rang.

She immediately picked it up and glanced at it.

Liu Yiming sent her a message.

It was a video.

She immediately recognized that the video was of the dining hall.

It turned out that Senior had suddenly added her on WeChat to send this video to her!

Could it be that this video happened to capture something

She was emotional.

If it was what she thought, she had strong evidence in her hands!

Before she could open it, Liu Yiming sent another voice message.

She clicked on the voice message first.

“Shi Qian, its not safe for you to live outside the school.

You should consider moving back to school.” The voice sounded magnetic and caring.

Jiang Feng gripped the steering wheel, his palms sweating.

What was going on

Young Madam has a boyfriend

Then what was Young Master Fu


Shi Qian replied.

“Ill go back to the dormitory to stay in a while.”

Soon, Liu Yiming sent another message.

Shi Qian switched to words.

Fu Sinian was still waiting to hear what the message said.

In the end, he heard nothing.

Shi Qian kept replying to messages on her phone.

It was obvious that the two of them had been chatting!

It was as if a cats paw was scratching at his heart.

It scratched at him, making him uncomfortable.

The car stopped in front of the Fu familys old residence.

Shi Qian finally put down his phone and said to Jiang Feng, “Thank you, Brother Jiang Feng.”

With that, she got out of the car.

Fu Sinian had a strong feeling that he was an extra!

She actually thanked Jiang Feng.

What was there to thank Jiang Feng for

If she wanted to thank someone, shouldnt she thank him

He wasted so much time every day picking her up and sending her off, but she actually went to thank Jiang Feng!

Jiang Feng started the car again and drove towards the company.

In his mind, he had been pondering a question.

They entered the elevator.

The advertisement in the elevator had been changed to a whole sheet of green.

It was a public service announcement to protect the environment.

Jiang Feng tapped the billboard.

“Its so green,” he said suddenly.

Fu Sinian immediately looked at Jiang Feng.

“Young Master Fu, Im saying that this billboard is so green!”

Fu Sinian adjusted his collar.

Jiang Feng realized that Young Master Fu had actually unbuttoned a button!

Young Master Fu usually felt that his clothes were untidy when he unbuttoned a button, let alone when he had an important meeting later.

This was abnormal.

This was too abnormal.

“Why are you looking at me” Fu Sinian questioned coldly when he noticed Jiang Fengs gaze.

“Young Master Fu, I feel that your face is a little green too.”

Fu Sinians brows furrowed.

“I mean, the light from this billboard makes your face look a little green!” Jiang Feng added.

Fu Sinian pressed the button for the elevator floor.

Three more floors and the elevator stopped.

The door opened.

“Get lost!” Fu Sinian shouted coldly.

Jiang Feng moved out and the elevator door slowly closed.

Not only did he feel that Young Master Fus face was green, but he also felt that Young Master Fu was glowing green

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