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“He escaped”

The three ancestors were all a little stunned, as if they had yet to react.

They had prepared for so long, but Divine Sovereign Void Sky had still escaped.

“Ultimate Law…”

Lin Fengs expression was solemn.

The ultimate Law was really powerful.

Even his advanced Laws were completely confined by the Anti-law Divine Pearl of the three ancestors.

Before the Anti-law Divine Pearl, Lin Feng could only unleash a combat body of 28 billion kilometers.

He would not be able to use Laws to enhance his combat body at all.

Yet Divine Sovereign Void Sky could still use the ultimate Law to merge into space, and escape under such circumstances.

However, Lin Fengs final smash with the Starfell Pearl should have severely injured Divine Sovereign Void Sky, so he had no choice but to escape.

The three ancestors looked at Lin Feng again.

Since Divine Sovereign Void Sky had escaped, it was time to deal with Lin Feng.

Of course, this was the previous plan.

As for now, the plan had to be changed.

They would not attack Lin Feng.

It was not because Lin Feng had “fought to the death” with Divine Sovereign Void Sky just now.

How could personal factors affect such a major decision

It was because of Lin Fengs strength! The three ancestors could attack Divine Sovereign Void Sky, but they definitely did not dare to attack Lin Feng.

The reason was very simple.

Even if the three ancestors Anti-law Divine Pearl could confine Lin Fengs Laws and prevent him from using them, without using Laws to enhance his combat body, Lin Feng still had the Starfell Pearl!

The three ancestors had already seen the power of the Starfell Pearl just now.

They were all very shocked.

Even ordinary Grand Emperors probably could not withstand a smash from Lin Fengs Starfell Pearl, let alone the three of them, who were only barely comparable to Grand Emperors.

If they really fought to the death, the three ancestors probably would not be able to gain any advantage.

Lin Feng did not want to fight the three ancestors to the death either.

The other partys Anti-law Divine Pearl was indeed powerful.

Without absolute confidence, Lin Feng naturally did not want to take too much risk.

Moreover, Divine Sovereign Void Sky had only escaped and was not dead.

And in the near future, Divine Sovereign Void Sky would definitely recover.

At that time, how terrifying would a top-notch Grand Emperor hidden in the dark be

Lin Feng was not confident in dealing with Divine Sovereign Void Sky alone.

The two parties still had to work together for the time being.

“Venerable Lin Feng, although Divine Sovereign Void Sky was severely injured, he still escaped in the end.

Weve all underestimated the power of the ultimate planetary Law.

Even the Anti-law Divine Pearl cannot completely confine it.

With Divine Sovereign Void Sky still around, we have to work together.”

The three ancestors took the initiative to retract their combat bodies, which could be considered taking the initiative to express their goodwill to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng also understood and retracted his combat body.

“Ancestors, how do you think we should work together” Lin Feng asked calmly.

“Its very simple.

There are a total of 81 planets.

Well divide them into four portions.

Venerable Lin Feng will get 20 planets.

How about that”

Lin Feng closed his eyes, and many thoughts flashed through his mind.

Finally, he opened his eyes and said bluntly, “Yes, but I have two more requests.”

“Please name them.”

“I have to control a quarter of the cosmic arrays of 81 planets!”

Lin Feng also took the cosmic array very seriously.

If not for the fact that the three ancestors had a spy who destroyed the cosmic array this time, Divine Sovereign Void Sky could have resisted the three ancestors just by relying on the cosmic array.

Hence, even if Lin Feng did not control this cosmic array, he would never allow others to use it to deal with him.

The three ancestors looked at each other and nodded.

They had long guessed that Lin Feng would make such a request.

“We can agree to this condition.

Whats the other condition”

“I have another request.

The precious materials or new substances on the 81 planets will all be mine!”

The expressions of the three ancestors changed drastically.

Even they themselves had new materials, but there was no suitable opportunity to use them.

Also, Divine Sovereign Void Sky also had new materials.

Perhaps most of them were in the Void Sky Divine Temple and had been taken by Divine Sovereign Void Sky, but Divine Sovereign Void Sky must have left some new materials behind.

Not to mention the precious materials on 81 planets.

“No, those new materials are very precious.

We need them too.”

The three ancestors rejected Lin Fengs last condition.

“Unfortunately, if thats the case, I cant guarantee that I wont attack for the sake of these materials.”

The Starfell Pearl floated in front of Lin Feng again.

This was a threat, a very direct threat!

The three ancestors gritted their teeth.

In the end, they could only say in a low voice, “All right, we agree to it! However, if Divine Sovereign Void Sky appears, you must attack.”

“Of course.

Divine Sovereign Void Sky must also hate me to death.

Im an enemy of Divine Sovereign Void Sky, just like you!”

A smile appeared on Lin Fengs lips.

He had basically achieved his goal.

The next step was to divide their spheres of influence.

In the past, with Divine Sovereign Void Sky around, these ancestors had no influence at all.

Now, things were different.

Divine Sovereign Void Sky had escaped, so Lin Feng and the other three were the strongest entities.

They naturally had the right to divide the 81 planets.

Divine Sovereign Void Sky did leave behind some new materials, but most of them were in the Void Sky Divine Temple and were taken by Divine Sovereign Void Sky.

Strangely enough, new materials and even new substances that divided the cells often appeared in this Silent Galaxy.

It was unknown where they had appeared from.

Back then, Divine Sovereign Void Sky had obtained many new substances.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to cultivate his combat body to nearly 10 billion kilometers.

Lin Feng controlled 20 planets, and had an agreement with the three ancestors.

Hence, a large amount of precious materials and new materials were delivered to Lin Feng.

Looking at the mountain of various new materials in the Starfell Pearl, even Lin Feng was shocked.

This was not the time of the Big Bang.

How could there be so many new materials

The Void Sky Divine Temple of Divine Sovereign Void Sky and the Origin Weapons of the three ancestors were all very extraordinary.

Without new materials, it was impossible to successfully refine them, and they would not have such terrifying power.

This amount of new materials also exceeded Lin Fengs expectations.

This was simply a pleasant surprise.

However, these new materials stumped Lin Feng instead.

Currently, the Starfell Pearl was restricted by the spatial divine runes.

It could only accommodate 200 million planets, and could not accommodate more planets.

Moreover, it would probably be very difficult for Lin Feng to obtain new spatial divine runes in a short period of time.

With so many materials, even if they were all fused into the Starfell Pearl, the Starfell Pearl would not be able to increase its strength.

It was a complete waste.

However, after Lin Feng saw the power of the cosmic array in the Silent Galaxy, his thoughts were also inspired.

He could use a cosmic array to increase the power of the Starfell Pearl.

The specific method was very simple.

Since the Starfell Pearl was restricted by the spatial divine runes and could no longer increase its power, he would use these new materials to forge a second or even a third Starfell Pearl.

If he had the three Starfell Pearls, with a cosmic array on top, wouldnt the power become rather terrifying

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