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“What does she know” Mrs.

Zhang was still unwilling to give up.

“Only by giving enough betrothal gifts can she get enough attention when she gets married!” Although Mrs.

Zhang was a little unreasonable, her words still made a lot of sense.

“Who are these two people”

“Are they your son and daughter”Mrs.

Zhang asked while pointing at Yun Xi and Yun Yang.

“No, these are the children of the Yun familys third son, and this is Yun Gangs child.

Yun Gang only has one son in the family, and this child is very sensible.

Just now, he said that he would treat Zhang Cui as his biological mother and be filial to her.” The matchmaker took the opportunity to praise Yun Lang.

The matchmaker did not know some inside information about the Yun family, so she also did not know anything about Yun Lian.


Zhang looked at the differences between the three children.

Sure enough, the fabric worn by Yun Shans children looked more expensive, and Yun Langs clothes looked like cheap goods from the market.

The matchmaker said Yun Shans familys living condition was very good, so it should be true.


Zhang wanted to take this opportunity to ask for a lot.

Zhang Cui leaving home was equivalent to having one less labor force.

In the future, the physical labor of washing clothes and cooking would fall on Mrs.


If she did not take advantage of this betrothal gift to extort money, Aunt Zhangs heart was very unbalanced.

“If you want to marry my sister, no matter what, you have to add another zero after the betrothal gift you just mentioned.

As long as you agree to my request, I will agree to this marriage.”

“What Isnt that 6,660 yuan” The matchmaker was also shocked.


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“Why dont you go rob Are you selling a girl” Yun Gangs face was also a little unhappy.

“If you dont want to, then forget it.

Its hard to find a better person than my sister.

However, its very easy for my sister to find a man who can give her a good life.

You have to think carefully before you give me an answer.”


Zhang had sharp eyes.

She could tell at a glance that Yun Gangs family background was not particularly good.

Moreover, he did not look like a man who lived a serious life because she did not see that many farm tools in his yard.

On the contrary, the second brothers family across from him looked like a family that was living a serious life.

“Zhang Cui, hurry and go back with me now!” Brother Zhang spoke when Yun Gang hesitated for a few seconds.

Zhang Cui could see the anger in Brother Zhangs eyes.

It was a small matter to be scolded at home.

Such anger might even lead to a beating.

Zhang Cui held the matchmakers hand tightly, not knowing what to do next.

Although the matchmaker wanted to facilitate this marriage, she was still an outsider after all, and the matchmaker was powerless to do anything about it.


Zhang, Mr.

Zhang, I wonder if I, a junior, can interrupt” Yun Xi also saw the fear in Zhang Cuis eyes and prepared to save this person first.

“What do you want to say” Mrs.

Zhang Sized Up Yun Xi.

“This betrothal gift money is indeed a little expensive.

Why dont you let our family discuss it first, or we can further communicate You cant be so greedy.”

“However, in order to show our sincerity, as juniors, the two of us, as siblings, are also prepared to bring our future aunt to the market to buy some red cloth for later use.

Even if we cant become a family in the future, these can be considered as a meeting gift.” Yun Xi thought of a very reasonable reason.


Zhangs eyes kept rolling around.

When she heard they could take it as a gift even if the marriage was not successful, she immediately agreed.

“Alright then, bring some people to the market to buy some first!” Mrs.

Zhang also had a very good plan in her heart.

If this marriage did not work out, she could still get some cloth to make new clothes for herself.

If this marriage worked out, then she could get a large sum of money as a betrothal gift, this way, she would not be short of money for a period of time.

“Since you havent become a real husband and wife with my uncle, Ill call youMiss first,” Yun Xi said to the shy Zhang Cui.

Zhang Cui did not say anything and nodded shyly.





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