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Huo Qiyun frowned at Lin Ran.

“For some reason, I dont think I will like your plan.”

Lin Ran grinned, revealing two rows of white teeth.

“This means that your intuition is very accurate.”

Huo Qiyun pointed at the fruit in Lin Rans hand.

“This fruit is called Half-Saint Perish.

As the name suggests, its poisonous to martial artists below the Half-Saint realm.”

Lin Rans face turned pale.

Although it couldnt be seen under the mask, his voice was already trembling.

“What poison”

A sly smile appeared on Huo Qiyuns childish face.

“Dont be nervous.

Its not very poisonous.

At most, its gonna cause diarrhea.”

“Why didnt you say so earlier!”

Lin Ran shouted and wanted to feed Huo Qiyun one, but before he could do it, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach!

An hour later.

Lin Ran and Huo Qiyun flew straight towards the next sect that participated in King Zhaos rebellion.

“I want to take back what I said!”

Huo Qiyun shouted loudly, his lips curled up in admiration.

“I quite like your plan!”

Lin Ran glanced at Huo Qiyun, who was 100 feet away, and then at the Half-Saint Perish in his hand.

“Come here! Ill believe you if you come over!”

Huo Qiyun didnt say anything and just raised his hand to cover his nose.

Lin Ran was furious.

He activated the Mystic Gate Sword Technique and instantly appeared beside Huo Qiyun.

He reached out and pushed the Half-Saint Perish into Huo Qiyuns mouth.

“One for each of us!”

After saying that, Lin Ran disappeared in a flash, leaving only his hearty laughter in the night.

For the next two days, Lin Ran and Huo Qiyun traveled day and night.

Finally, before the mask began to lose its effect, they visited all the sects that had participated in King Zhaos rebellion.

Among them, there was no lack of people like Zou Hao and the Dao Seeking disciples who were sincere in repenting.

However, there were also people who fought back desperately after being forced into a corner.

Lin Ran naturally didnt mind killing those who fought back.

Huo Qiyun finally believed that Lin Ran was not bragging about being able to kill the rebels with one strike

As for the sects that were sincerely repenting, Lin Ran recruited them.

In just two days, the Heavenly Saint Dynasty had an additional force of 30,000 people.

In the war between the two countries, 30,000 people was not a lot.

Perhaps not many people would be left after the war, but if the average cultivation of these 30,000 people was that of a Senior Martial Master, it would be completely different.

Most importantly, these 30,000 people were not part of the regular army of the Heavenly Saint Dynasty.

They didnt have a base or salary.

Only Lin Rans token, a small jade sword that carried the Half-Saint Sword Intent, could mobilize them.

This meant that the Great Yong Dynasty had no way of knowing about this 30,000-strong army in advance.

In addition, the high mobility provided by the “Sword Flight” allowed them to appear anywhere at any time.

For a battle that was originally evenly matched, these 30,000 people could almost be said to be the key to victory.

In the subsequent war, this special force did shine on the battlefield.

The empress was overjoyed.

Not only did she issue a decree to pardon these sects who had participated in the rebellion, but she also personally named this special army the “Royal Forest Army”!

As for the meaning of this name, only Lin Ran, the empress, and a few others knew.

Lets not talk about the future for now.

When Lin Ran and Huo Qiyun arrived at a small town outside the capital, it was already the morning of the third day.

This town was called Lotus Town and was dozens of kilometers away from the capital.

The two of them were not in a hurry to travel, so they planned to rest in Lotus Town.

Of course, there was another more important reason why they decided to stay, which was that the mask on Lin Rans face was starting to lose its effect.

Before dawn, the adhesive on the mask began to lose its effect.

Parts of the mask began to fall off, making Lin Ran look terrifyingly ugly.

Lin Ran had no choice but to wrap the entire head with a cloth.

Then, the two of them found an inn in Lotus Town and prepared to take off the masks.

Compared to wearing the mask, the process of removing the mask was much simpler.

Huo Qiyun asked the waiter to get a basin of hot water.

After soaking a towel in it, he slapped it on Lin Rans face.

“Put it on for fifteen minutes.

You can take it off when the mask softens.”

Lin Ran nodded and said in a muffled voice, “Be careful when you take it off.

Dont peel off my eyebrows.”

Huo Qiyun sneered and imitated Lin Rans casual tone.

“Who knows”

“You…” Lin Ran was speechless.

Feeling bored, with a hot towel on his face, he fell asleep unknowingly.

After a while, when Lin Ran opened his eyes again, Huo Qiyun was no longer in the room.

The towel on his face was gone.

He touched the corners of his eyes and forehead.

There were no wrinkles, which meant that his mask had been removed.

Lin Rans heart skipped a beat.

He slowly touched his eyes with trembling hands.

After feeling the furry touch, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, this kid knows whats good for him.”

Lin Ran took a deep breath and muttered to himself.

After confirming that his eyebrows were still there, he felt much better.

Sitting up from the bed, Lin Ran saw a set of black clothes on the table.

The sleeves and lapels were embroidered with silver patterns.

The material and workmanship were ordinary, but it was still better than the old-fashioned Sword God outfit.

Huo Qiyun had probably prepared this for him.

“This kid!”

Lin Ran smiled and changed his clothes, preparing to go out to look for Huo Qiyun.

As soon as he reached the stairs, he saw the waiter running up in a hurry.

Lin Ran asked casually, “Waiter, wheres the guest who came with me”

When the waiter heard this, he stood still and looked up.

Suddenly, a confused expression appeared on his face.

“Pardon me… Who are you”

“You dont even recognize me”

Lin Ran suddenly remembered that when he came in this morning, his entire face was covered in a cloth, revealing only his eyes.

“So its you!”

The waiter was excited, but then he panicked.

“Oh no! Go and take a look! The guest with you is about to be beaten to death!”

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