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Chapter 30: Work

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Zhao Kuazi immediately grabbed the speaking womans hair in a hurry to stop her from saying more. The two women soon wrestled with each other.

After the women who were sitting around them heard such a juicy drama, half of them went to stop the fight, while the other half surrounded Zhao Zhan and Yue Jiaojiao. “Zhao Zhan, is this your wife Was what she said true”

“Hello.” Yue Jiaojiao greeted them with a smile on her face. “In a few days, our family will be building a house. When youre almost done with the farm work at home, you can ask your family members to go and tell my Zhao Zhan. We want to finish building the house as soon as possible, so we need quite a lot of people to help.”

There was work to do!

The woman that Jiaojiao spoke to had her eyes lit up in surprise.

It was almost winter, and when winter came, the house would have no income. If they could make a few copper coins before winter came, they might be able to have meat and vegetables in the house for the new year.

“Ill go back and tell my husband,” Li Miao squeezed to the front and spoke to Yue Jiaojiao affectionately, “Zhao Zhans wife, which village are you from Are you two planning to set up a banquet If you want to set up the banquet, my sister-in-law can go to your house to help you.”

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“Look at your soft and tender skin. One look and I can tell youre different from us. How did you fall for Zhao Zhan”

Yue Jiaojiaos tone was gentle as she said, “Zhao Zhan is a good person, and his hunting skills are also excellent. Its rare for him to fail to catch his prey. Its strange that no one has taken a fancy to such a steady and fine man.”

“Thats right. Im telling you, Ive always thought that Zhao Zhan was a promising man. If it wasnt for the fact that he doesnt have land or a house, he wouldve been chased after earlier.”

They were all from the same village. Although they were not very clear about Zhao Zhans life in the past, they had a rough idea that Zhao Zhans life was not very good.

When Li Miao married into the village, Zhao Zhan was 13 years old. In the middle of winter, he had frostbite and his family did nothing to help. She couldnt bear to see it, so she had her man at home secretly apply medicine on Zhao Zhan twice.

However, even if there was medicine, it made not much of a difference.

Hearing Yue Jiaojiao praise Zhao Zhan now, Li Miao wished that the young couple could grow old together.

“We dont have to worry about money now. As long as we work hard, we can always get by.” Yue Jiaojiao had a good impression of Li Miao and said in a gentle tone, “You see, we havent been here for long, and were already planning to build a house.

“If your family doesnt have any problems, come to my house to help.

“Well pay six copper coins a day for the construction of the house, and well provide you with two meals a day. However, I dont know how to cook. If youre willing to help me cook, Ill give you five copper coins a day.”

This was a great deal!

Li Miao was excited! “I wont dare say that my cooking is very good, but I definitely know how to cook!”

Speaking of which, Li Miao was only three years older than Zhao Zhan. However, her face was sallow and her skin was rough, making her look like a much older woman.

“Then, when were ready to start construction, Ill get Zhao Zhan to let you know in advance.”

“Youre already currying favor with him Wasnt it just a house-building job I dont even think its worth it.”

The woman who spoke with a face full of jealousy looked to be in her twenties. Her hair was combed in a matrons style, and her eyes fell on Yue Jiaojiao like knives.

“Zhao Zhan, arent you going to do anything about your wife being in the limelight”

Yue Jiaojiao looked at the scene in amusement.

What was this lady trying to achieve


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