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“What are you”

Lin Qiye cautiously stepped forward.

Although he was an infant, the strength of his soul was much stronger than many lonely souls and wild ghosts.


The black figure lying next to the boy turned its head and stared at Lin Qiye.

Its throat let out a gurgling sound similar to that of a ghost.

Lin Qiyes hair stood on end when he heard it.

Although he had killed quite a several demons, those were still considered living creatures after all.

They were still different from these mysterious things.

“Looks like theres no way to communicate with it.”

Lin Qiye rubbed his chubby arms as if he was about to fight.


The black shadow continued to gurgle as it stretched out its arms and slowly walked toward Lin Qiye.

A black fog gradually began to spread out from its body.

Upon seeing this, Lin Qiyes expression changed slightly.

“What a heavy grievance!”

He finally realized that the fellow in front of him had the same fate.

It was a drowned water ghost!

However, unlike him, the other party had already been eroded by resentment.

It had lost its mind and only had the will to kill.

Lin Qiye looked at the rotten and horrifying face and felt a chill in his heart.

If he were to become like that, he might as well die.

“Youre ugly.

Dont come out in the middle of the night to scare people, okay”

Lin Qiye rubbed his hands and was about to go up and purify the ghost.

With the current strength of his soul and the power he had absorbed tonight, it was a piece of cake for him to take care of a little water ghost.


The water ghost didnt react to Lin Qiyes actions.

It continued to growl and move toward him.

However, in the next second, its slowly moving body suddenly jumped up.

It was as fast as lightning and rushed toward Lin Qiye.

“Youre courting death!” Seeing that the ghost still knew how to play dirty tricks, Lin Qiye sneered.

He didnt dodge.

He raised his chubby arm high up and jumped into the air.

Just as the water ghost was about to collide with him, he swung his arm down.


With a muffled sound, his chubby arm landed on the water ghosts head.

It was struck so hard that it staggered a few steps forward before it fell to the ground.

“Amitabha the boundless, we are both lost souls.

Let me help you.” Lin Qiye felt a little sorry for the water ghost corrupted by resentment.

Just as he was about to finish it off, the searching crowd held their torches and came nearby.

“Look over there! There seems to be something!”

Someone discovered where Lin Qiye was, and the group immediately ran over in a hurry.

Lin Qiye hurriedly dodged, carrying the water ghost that had lost consciousness from the beating and hid in the weeds.

There was nothing he could do.

He wasnt sure if the people here could see him.

He could only avoid contact as much as possible to prevent unnecessary trouble.

“Its Young Master Yao!”

The crowd arrived.

The people in front quickly found the unconscious boy lying on the grass.

“Hes still breathing.

Quick, check if theres anything in his throat!”

After the people hurriedly treated him, the boy finally woke up.

“Yaoer! Yaoer! You scared me to death!”

The accompanying woman stepped forward and pulled the boy into her embrace.

She could not help but sob softly.

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