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At this moment, inside the cave, after everything in the cave was cleaned up, the high-ranking officer Pan Xiangdong and thirty-seven related personnel who had been lurking in the Federation for decades were all killed.

Su Shoujiang then entered the vampire cave with his elite team.

“Oh They took the Vampire Kings body remains away”

After listening to Zhu Shus account of what had just happened, Su Shoujiang rubbed his chin and his eyes revealed a flash of surprise.

“Im sorry, Captain, I didnt stop them.”

Li Hu felt that he had failed in leading the team this time and was ashamed.

“Yes, you havent recovered from your old injuries.

I dont blame you for this.

I misjudged the strength of the enemy.”

Su Shoujiang patted Li Hus shoulder to comfort him.

He had brought three teams with him.

Su Shoujiang personally led a team to catch Pan Xiangdong, Li Hus team was to deal with the vampires, and the last team was to prevent Pan Xiangdong from escaping.

In Su Shoujiangs entire plan, capturing Pan Xiangdong was the most important.

By capturing Pan Xiangdong and eliminating the spy who had been around for many years, they could still get a lot of information from him.

The Vampire Kings body remains could only be considered a bonus.

However, what was strange was that this was a little different from the information they had received earlier.

There were three Marquises of the vampires guarding each point, but there was an extra one here, and his strength was very strange.

A member of the Federation brought Li Shaoqiang over and reported, “Captain, it was these two who provided us with the information.”

Su Shoujiang turned around and looked at Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo.

He had a gentle smile on his face as he greeted them politely, “Thank you for providing the information to the inspection team.

You have helped us a lot.

When this matter is over, we will definitely pay you a visit to thank you.”

“Youre welcome, youre welcome, Chief Su.

Its what we should be doing.”

Li Shaoqiang and Tan Shuo exchanged pleasantries, but their eyes kept on sizing up the inside of the cave and they had the same thought.

Thats strange, where was Fang Heng

He said he would come in and scout around, but why did he disappear in the blink of an eye

Under Su Shoujiangs questioning, the two of them roughly told him what had happened.

He remembered that Fang Heng had told them not to expose his name, so he didnt mention it.

“Captain,” a young man in black walked up to Su Shoujiang and whispered, “Weve confirmed that some of the vampires have broken through the outer defense line and left.

Whats our next step Do we need to send people to chase after them”

“No need.”

Su Shoujiang waved his hand.

“We have caught Pan Xiangdong.

The mission has been achieved.

Tell all the teams to catch him immediately.”


“No buts,” Su Shoujiang looked like he had everything under control.

“Order the net to be closed immediately.

Too many unnecessary sacrifices have been made during this invasion.

Remember, our mission is to protect the people of the Eastern region.

As for the vampires, someone will help us deal with them.”


On a small road in the suburbs, the high-tier vampires drove the car wildly on the empty road.

In the back seat, Maica rolled down the window and looked back.

“The Federation didnt come after us.”

Fang Heng shrugged his shoulders and suggested, “Maybe theyre scared.”

It was quite strange.

Fang Heng was originally prepared to deal with the Federation and had a hot-blooded pursuit.

Maica felt that Fang Hengstrain of thought was a little abnormal and asked, “Why do you sound a little disappointed”

“Is it Its alright, I guess.”

Fang Heng answered casually.

He pulled off his coat and tore it open, wrapping the Kings sealed left hand, tying a knot, and hanging it behind him.

After doing all this, Fang Heng patted the stone and asked, “Wont it be less conspicuous this way”

Maica looked at Fang Heng and shook his head, speechless.

“No, its even more conspicuous this way.”

After the battle with the inspection team of the Federation, Maica had completely let go of his suspicions of Fang Heng.

Soon, the car drove into a factory in the suburbs.

The inside of the factory was pitch-black, and it seemed like it had been shut down for some time.

They entered the factory without any hiccups.

Two security guards helped to open the warehouse door.

Fang Heng followed Maica through the door and saw the scene inside the warehouse.

He raised his eyebrows.

It was indeed a teleportation passage, and it was a special passage built by the vampires.

To be more precise, the teleportation passage was a type of alchemy magic array.

The magic array could only accommodate one person at a time, and it required more than ten vampires to activate the magic array at the same time.

In addition to the consumption of mental strength, it also required human blood as a medium energy source, so it could not be used as a large-scale teleportation passage for the vampires.

It could only transport one or two small teams at most.

Ever since they had the technology of the space tearing device, the vampires rarely used this extremely backward teleportation magic array.

In the battlefields of the invasion of the real world, this primitive teleportation array had a role to play.

“Lets go.

Well meet up with Duke Zhao Tai,” Maica said as he stood in the center of the teleportation array.

A Duke of the vampires

Fang Heng had a thought.

They stepped into the teleportation passage together.

A red light flashed in front of Fang Hengs eyes.

This was one of the headquarters of the vampires in the real world.

Fang Heng opened his eyes again and looked around.

On the dark brown rock wall, a group of vampires knelt on one knee respectfully around the teleportation array.

An extremely pungent smell of blood entered his nose.

“Were here, lets go,” Maica walked to Fang Hengs side and said, “The plan has changed.

We have to hurry.

The Duke is still waiting for us.


“Um,” Fang Heng looked around and asked, “Hey, what is this place”

Maica walked past Fang Heng and went straight ahead, “You dont seem to know much about our plan this time.”

“Ive told you before.

Ive been active in the real world and just happened to see the Federation make a move on you.

Im reminding you as part of my good intentions, but who knew I would get into such big trouble I was beaten up by the people from the Federation.”

Fang Heng ridiculed him in a relaxed manner.

“This is one of the three strongholds that Mr.

Jian has established in the real world.”

Maica explained to thisunfortunate vampire patiently as he walked forward, “There are three seals on the Kings body.

The first seal is the outermost seal.

When the seal is removed, it will become the stone in your hand.

The good thing is that it can be moved.”

“The second seal is to completely awaken the power of the Vampire Kings body remains.”

“To complete this part, we will need more and more concentrated blood.

The original plan was to settle the two parts of the seal in the previous stronghold, then head to the Land of Origin to unlock the last part of the seal and obtain the Vampire Kings inheritance.”

Upon hearing this, Fang Heng asked, “Inheritance”

“Yes, once we undo the third seal, we will be able to awaken the Vampire Kings power and obtain his inheritance.

At that time, the curse on our bodies will be completely removed!”

Maicas eyes were filled with passion.

“Nat, we, the vampires, will take control of the world again!”

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